More than a year ago we began a journey to change the way politics was done in District 3 and the City of Charlotte. Many thought it was something that could not be done.
Well, in November 2011 we proved them wrong and showed the world that the people of District 3 were fed up with the status quo and in the process made history. It was one of my greatest honors to be sworn in as the City Council Representative for District 3 December 2011 and since then it has been a bit of a blur.
We have accomplished many great things and time has moved fast: I am still learning as much as possible while staying accessible to the community.
I am proud of the work we have accomplished together and the promises I kept. I am still LaWana, you still see me out in the community and I am as accessible as ever. I am writing this because even though it may seem like yesterday that I was just starting to plan to run for office; it is now time to run again.
I am asking for your continued support, as we prepare for 2013.
Campaign season may seem like a long time from now but as we learned in 2011 our team will take nothing for granted and assume nothing. We have a short road to re-election and I want you right there besides me as we continue to work to make District 3 the “Crown Jewel of Charlotte.”

LaWana at the Ka Boom Park build at Bethlehem Center in District 3