LaWana Slack Mayfield understands the importance of creating and supporting public/private partnerships in the best interest of the city

Identifying Economic Development

Encouraging and supporting Democratic Issues that move the City of Charlotte Forward

Transparency and accessibility to District 3 residents and the community

Stable Property Values

Encourage more pedestrian-friendly development.

Preserve landmarks, historic neighborhoods and other local features, which preserve the beauty of our community and keep property values stable.

Smart Economic Growth

Identify training opportunities for students who do not wish to go to four-year colleges by helping to keep them in Charlotte and preparing them with 21st century skills for our changing work environment.

Encourage the smart development of affordable mixed-use centers along the Freedom Drive and Wilkinson Blvd corridor.

Strong Community Safety

Increasing grant opportunities for neighborhood associations to implement community-policing and community justice programs.

Improve law enforcement and community relationships by working with CMPD to have officer’s patrol on foot or bike in high crime areas.