LaWana Slack Mayfield understands the importance of creating and supporting public/private partnerships in the best interest of the city.

Stable Property Values

Encourage more pedestrian-friendly development as our City has an opportunity to support true Diverse Price Point Housing while preserving landmarks, historic neighborhoods and other local features, which preserve the beauty of our community and keep property values stable.

Smart Economic Growth

Identify training opportunities for those seeking skills to align with the rapidly changing 21st century work environment.

Encourage the smart development of affordable mixed-use centers to support Small Business growth.

Strong Community Safety

Work to create a “Neighborhood Policing Policy” similar to what was created in Greensboro with the goal to align geography, officers and workload to better serve you, the public. By once again dedicating officers to your area, they get to know you better and work with you more to solve problems and improve quality of life.

“Neighborhood Policing Policy” would allow the City to have smaller zones in its patrol divisions. Each geographic area should have a team of patrol officers, supervisors, managers and commanders dedicated to it to work alongside You the community.

Identifying Economic Development

Encouraging and supporting Democratic Issues that move the City of Charlotte Forward

Transparency and accessibility to residents in the community