CHARLOTTE, NC- Steele Creek residents say it’s long overdue! A new police station opens Wednesday in their Southwest Charlotte neighborhood and they hope it will keep criminals away.

The Southwest Area Neighborhood Coalition is a liaison between Steele Creek neighbors and police.

President Virgina Keogh says the new police division office on Westinghouse Boulevard and South Tryon Street makes their job easier.

“With the police station being as visible as it is, it will be a deterrent for crime and speeders up and down 49,” said Keogh.

City Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield says the new location sends a strong message to the community.

“People will think more about their personal responsibility and paying attention to potential crime and things that may be happening around them,” said Mayfield.

Whether it’s a late night trip to the grocery store or gas station, families who live within miles of the new police station say police presence means more peace of mind.

“In a matter of minutes, they could be here if something does happen.

I will be very excited about having the new station just to keep my kids safe,” said Mandy Frohlich, a Southwest Charlotte resident.

Within miles of banks, churches and child care centers, neighbors say it’s a perfect spot.

“Anytime I’m going out shopping along, I feel safer that there’s a police station right there,” Victoria Martin, a Southwest Charlotte resident.

Courtesy of Fox Charlotte