Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield said fellow council member Claire Fallon has been a “constant negative impact” on the City Council and city, and Mayfield has asked her colleagues to explore whether they could discipline her.

Mayfield sent the email to council members Sunday, after Fallon had sent an email that was highly critical of the city and the Fire Department. Fallon also asked that Fire Chief Jon Hannan be fired.

In her email, Mayfield said council members must meet to discuss a “censorship” of Fallon. Council members, however, cannot censor a fellow council member, who are elected. They could vote to censure Fallon, which would be a formal rebuke.

In 2010, council members considered censuring former council member Warren Turner because of allegations he had spoken inappropriately to staff members. That motion failed in a 6-3 vote

Fallon said Thursday she hasn’t done anything wrong.“I am doing my job,” Fallon said. “That’s what I was elected to do, to protect people. I am not doing anything that wasn’t my job, and maybe it should have been her job too.”

Fallon added: “Are you going to put tape across my mouth?”

Fallon and Mayfield are both Democrats. But they have little in common other than political party, and they are often on different sides of issues.

Mayfield couldn’t be reached Thursday for comment

The latest dispute between the two appears to be focused on Fallon’s views on the Fire Department, and her working relationship with a member of the Firefighters Association.In November, Fallon asked that Marty Puckett, the vice president of the association, help her with her job. Puckett said he hasn’t been paid and he has helped Fallon only when he is not working. Fallon has said he is an intern.

A week ago, Puckett forwarded to media members and council members an email written by Fallon

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