By Kate Gaier
Courtesy of News 14 Carolina

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte leaders say Governor McCrory is bullying them and threatening to take away funding for the Lynx Blue Line extension.

The city said Gov. McCrory told them future state funding could be at risk if Charlotte moves forward with the controversial streetcar project in to West Charlotte. McCrory’s office said he has made similar comments before and supports the light rail.

The controversy surrounding Charlotte’s street car rolls on; this time involving comments from Gov. McCrory.

“I think it’s disheartening that someone that once guided this city, in a leadership role as our mayor, is now threatening to hold up progress,” said Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield.

In a memo, city leaders say Gov. McCrory threatened future state funding for the Blue Line extension if the streetcar project moved forward as currently proposed.

“That’s bullying. And we as a state do not support bullying when it comes to children and we surely should not when it comes to adults,” said Mayfield.

The governor was at an event Friday, but would not speak with the media. His office later released a statement. The statement said in part McCrory told city leaders it is difficult “ get support in the legislature for continued matching funds of the light rail line when the city is exhibiting that they have additional money for other projects outside the approved process through the MTC.”

McCrory said he will continue to support the light rail.

Mayor Anthony Foxx responded in a statement saying in part, “This memo certainly confirms a threat that’s been hanging out there in the shadows for several months.”

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